Test Bank for Advertising and Promotion 6th Canadian Edition by Guolla A+

Test Bank for Advertising and Promotion 6th Canadian Edition by Guolla A+

Test Bank for Advertising and Promotion 6th Canadian Edition by Guolla A+

Test Bank for Advertising and Promotion 6th Canadian Edition by Guolla A+

s the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, good, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives.

A) Integrated marketing communications

B) Advertising

C) Marketing

D) Sales promotion


2) Which of the following is the BEST example of a marketing exchange?

A) For mowing her yard, Mrs. Forrest gave Ben a chocolate cake.

B) Vlad and Ingrid gave their son a trip for his graduation.

C) John gave Sahil a menu, and he placed his food order.

D) Jessie helped Alison move a heavy piece of furniture.


3) Product, price, place and promotion are also known as:

A) methods of selling goods and services.

B) marketing jargon.

C) marketing communications tools.

D) the marketing mix.


4) Campo Outdoor Products has developed a new backpack. It will expand to three times its initial size, be water resistant, and lightweight. These are what kind of marketing decisions?

A) package design B) price allowance

C) product features D) service level


5) Navinder Foods offers portable snack items that are low in calories, high in fibre, and taste just like the ones shoppers might consume back home in India. Which of the following is NOT a product benefit delivered by Navinder's snack items?

A) performance/convenience benefit B) functional benefit

C) affordable benefit D) emotional benefit


6) Product protection, storage, communication, and image are all functional benefits of:

A) brand marketing B) product attributes

C) brand identity D) packaging


7) Which is the best example of the use of packaging as a communication vehicle?

A) New cellphone SIM cards are enveloped in large plastic packages.

B) At Golftown one can purchase used golf balls in bags of 20 or 50.

C) Costco offers multi-packs of contact lens solution at affordable prices.

D) Uncle Ben's Rice offers usage and recipe suggestions on their boxes and bags.


8) Each of the following is true about brand equity EXCEPT:

A) It is a challenge for marketers to consistently measure brand equity.

B) It builds on the favourable image and impressions of differentiation of a brand.

C) It is a tangible asset which can provide competitive advantage.

D) It is a measure of consumer attachment to a brand.


9) Which of the following statements about price is true?

A) Price communicates the economic cost to consumers for all of the product benefits combined.

B) Levels of recommended ad expenditures are not relative to price.

C) Price refers to what the marketer must give up to sell a product.

D) Price is not a key aspect of the product conveyed in a promotional offer.


10) A firm can have an excellent product at a great price, but it will be of little value unless it's available where the consumer wants it and when the consumer wants it. The statement above refers to:

A) positioning decisions. B) price decisions.

C) distribution decisions. D) product decisions.


11) Some locations offering customized service and assistance, some offering different models at different prices, or the availability of online purchasing are examples of:

A) a differentiated product approach B) a multi-media universe

C) a multi-channel environment D) multi-level marketing


12) The AMA has renewed its definition of marketing to include the important element of:

A) exchange B) growth

C) value within the exchange D) globalization


13) The relative balance between what a consumer "receives" for what he/she "pays" is known as:

A) price B) benefit C) exchange D) value


14) is the coordination of all seller-initiated efforts to set up channels of information and persuasion to sell goods and services.

A) Organizational communication B) Publicity

C) Promotion D) Advertising


15) Which of the following is NOT an element of the promotional mix?

A) Personal selling B) Packaging

C) Advertising D) Sales promotion


16) is defined as any paid form of nonpersonal communication about an organization, product, service or idea by an identified sponsor.

A) Advertising B) The promotional mix

C) Sales promotion D) Publicity


17) Advertising may be defined as any:

A) communication that moves a product from one level to another level of the distribution channel

B) communication about a product, service, or company

C) personal communication from a company representative to prospective buyers

D) paid form of nonpersonal communication about a product, service, or company


18) Which the following is NOT an advantage inherent in the use of advertising?

A) Ability to control the message

B) Ability to create brand images and symbolism

C) Low cost per contact

D) Immediate feedback


19) Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of advertising as a form of promotion?

A) The ability to reach large audiences with the advertising message

B) The ability to create images for brands

C) Cost-effective method for communicating with large audiences

D) Personal nature of the message


20) Which of these is NOT a reason why marketers use advertising?

A) To strike a responsive chord with consumers when differentiation across other elements of the marketing mix is difficult

B) To create symbolic appeals for a company or brand

C) To take advantage of the fact that advertising is a very cost-effective method of reaching a large audience

D) To set an appropriate price across various channels


21) A brand or corporate name and its identification through its logo, symbols, slogans, or trademarks represent:

A) product symbolism B) brand identity

C) product appeal D) brand equity


22) This is the added value or goodwill resulting from a favourable image and/or consumer attachment to a company name, brand name, or trademark:

A) product appeal B) brand equity

C) product symbolism D) brand identity


23) Canadian advertisers spend more than annually.

A) $8 billion B) $1 billion C) $22 billion D) $14 billion


24) Prime-time network television reached on a daily basis.

A) 85 percent of Canadians B) all Canadians

C) less than 50 percent of Canadians D) only older adults


25) can be a cost-effective way to build a positive attitude toward the brand in potential consumers prior to, during, or after purchasing a product.

A) Personal selling B) Advertising

C) Price discounting D) Sales promotion


26) advertising is targeted at individuals who buy or influence the purchase of industrial goods or services for their companies.

A) Business-to-business B) Direct-response

C) Professional D) Retail


27) Ads for computers and office furniture in Purchasing Canada, a trade magazine written and published especially for corporate and government buyers, are examples of


A) professional B) business-to-business

C) retail D) primary-demand


28) Advertisements for a Parkell tooth polisher in Canadian Dentist, a publication for dentists, are an example of advertising.

A) primary demand B) trade

C) professional D) progressive


29) Why does Samsung place advertising messages in media such as television, print, and outdoor to encourage consumers to interact with the brand online?

A) Samsung only sells their products online, so they must try to drive traffic to their company website.

B) Online communication is the best way to convey product attributes and consumer value.

C) Online brand interaction is the least expensive way to connect with consumers.

D) Studies show that consumers research their purchase online prior to a store visit, so other media should lead the consumer to visit the company's website.


30) includes those marketing activities that provide extra value or incentives to the sales force, distributors, or the ultimate consumer.

A) Sales promotion B) Direct marketing

C) Public relations D) Brand equity


31) Sales promotions targeted to the ultimate users of a product such as sampling, coupons, contests, or sweepstakes are known as:

A) strategic promotions B) consumer sales promotion

C) trade sales promotion D) direct marketing incentives


32) McDonald's restaurants use a Monopoly game to allow customers to win various prizes. Each game piece that you receive as a result of a purchase either awards you a prize or fills in one section on a Monopoly board. Prizes can also be won if you own all the pieces of the railroads or all of one colour of property. This is an example of a:

A) service-oriented sales promotion

B) primary demand advertising campaign

C) consumer sales promotion

D) direct-response advertising campaign


33) Sales promotion programs targeted toward marketing intermediaries such as wholesalers, distributors, and retailers are known as:

A) a functional inducement B) a consumer sales promotion

C) a trade sales promotion D) integrated promotions


34) is nonpersonal communication neither directly paid for nor run under identified sponsorship.

A) Public relations B) Sales promotion

C) Advertising D) Publicity


35) How does advertising differ from publicity?

A) Advertising is done by manufacturers, and publicity is done be retailers.

B) Advertising is paid for by the sponsoring organization, and publicity is not.

C) Advertising typically utilizes mass media, and publicity does not.

D) Advertising is never institutional (i.e., promoting the company itself), and publicity usually is institutional in character.


36) Which of the following statements about publicity is true?

A) Publicity is an important communication technique used in public relations.

B) Publicity generally has a broader purpose and objective than public relations.

C) Publicity and public relations are synonyms for each other.

D) Publicity has more of a long term, on-going purpose than public relations.


37) Which of the following is NOT a technique used to generate publicity?

A) Photographs, films, and videotapes B) Packaging and product displays

C) News releases and feature articles D) Press conferences


38) When Jennifer Lawrence appears on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" as a guest to discuss her role in the "Hunger Games" movies, it is an example of:

A) direct marketing B) personal selling

C) advertising D) publicity


39) One of the primary advantages inherent in the use of publicity is its:

A) ability to be closely controlled and monitored by the organization that is being publicized

B) credibility

C) ability to be personalized

D) almost non-existent variable costs


40) Consumer Reports magazine ran an article comparing various shampoos and rated Pert Plus as the best brand. This article was reported on in various newspapers and television news programs. This is an example of:

A) negative publicity B) positive publicity

C) sales promotion D) advertising


41) A review of a movie in Maclean's magazine or on "Canada AM" is an example of:

A) personal selling B) publicity

C) media-selling D) promotion


42) When the brand team at Dentyne send out samples of their new fiery gum flavours to radio DJs and television hosts with the hope that they will talk about it on air, it is an example of:

A) trade sales promotion B) public relations

C) publicity D) personal selling


43) Because of the perceived objectivity of the source, which element of the promotional mix is usually regarded as most credible?

A) Sales promotion B) Publicity

C) Direct marketing D) Advertising


44) When an organization systematically plans and distributes information in an attempt to control its image, it is engaging in a function known as:

A) public relations B) image management

C) integrated marketing D) advertising


45) is the management function that evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of an individual or organization with the public interest, and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.

A) Corporate affairs B) Publicity

C) Sales promotion D) Public relations


46) Public relations involves all of the following EXCEPT:

A) product design

B) sponsorship of a fun run to benefit breast cancer research

C) financial and personnel involvement in local arts and crafts festival

D) publicity


47) is a system of marketing by which organizations communicate directly with target customers to generate a response and/or a transaction.

A) Direct marketing B) Sales promotion

C) Public relations D) Advertising


48) Which of the following statements about direct marketing is true?

A) Direct marketing and direct mail are synonymous.

B) Direct marketing has lost popularity over the past two decades, owing primarily to changing lifestyles and technologies.

C) Business-to-business marketers criticize direct marketing as an ineffective way to identify potential sales leads, communicate with customers, and provide them with information about their products or services.

D) Direct marketing includes a variety of techniques and activities such as direct mail, telemarketing, and direct response advertising.


49) Which of the following statements about direct marketing is true?

A) Direct marketing is seldom, if ever, used by companies that have a sales force.

B) One of the major tools of direct marketing is indirect-response advertising.

C) Direct marketing has not traditionally been considered an element of the promotional mix, since it had distinct objectives, strategies and tactics.

D) Direct marketing does not exist beyond direct mail and mail-order catalogues.


50) The Bradford Exchange is a company that sells collectible plates. If you order one plate from the company, you will receive multiple mailings each month announcing new issues and encouraging you to place your order. Given this information, which promotional element do you think The Bradford Exchange depends upon most heavily?

A) Public relations B) Advertising

C) Direct marketing D) Sale promotion


51) One of the major tools of direct marketing is advertising, whereby a product is promoted through an ad that encourages the consumer to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

A) product benefit B) business-to-business

C) direct-response D) third-party


52) allow for the back-and-forth flow of information where users participate in and modify its form and content instantly.

A) Sales promotion B) Interactive media

C) Negotiations D) Price flexibility


53) Company or branded websites that inform or entertain current or potential customers:

A) are a form of "owned media" much like product catalogues

B) are effective only if they include the ability to make online purchases

C) have taken over from other forms of mass media

D) are falling out of favour as marketers turn to social media vehicles


54) Each of the following statements about earned media is correct EXCEPT:

A) Earned media is the result of a brand manager paying an influential blogger to write positively about the brand.

B) Earned media is a very credible source of influence for current or prospective consumers.

C) Conversations among consumers over social media is a form of earned media.

D) Publicity in the form of news articles or editorial opinions constitutes earned media.


55) Which of the following statements about Internet advertising is NOT true?

A) In order for interactive Internet marketing to be effective, the overall brand message must be changed.

B) The Internet is a medium which generates paid, owned, and earned media.

C) Internet marketing can incorporate many elements of the promotional mix, such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing.

D) The portability and immediacy of mobile marketing makes this a new forefront for IMC planning.


56) is a promotional mix element that allows for direct contact between a buyer and seller and allows a message to be modified according to the needs or reactions of the customer.

A) Sales promotion B) Public relations

C) Personal selling D) Direct mail


57) This participant in the promotional process has the products to be marketed and assumes major responsibility for developing the marketing program and making final decisions regarding the marketing communication program:

A) Advertising agency B) Advertiser

C) Public relations firm D) Media organization


58) Outside firms that specialize in the creation, production, placement of promotional messages, and other support services are:

A) Advertising agencies B) Advertisers

C) Media buying agencies D) Media organizations


59) The primary objective of these members of the promotional process is to sell their time or space so companies can effectively reach their target audiences with their messages.

A) Advertisers B) Advertising agencies

C) Interactive agencies D) Media organizations


60) Which of the following is NOT a specialized marketing communication service?

A) Direct-response agency B) Public relations firm

C) Interactive agency D) Marketing research company


61) Individuals and companies that perform specialized functions such as marketing research, video production, package design, and event marketing are known as:

A) Marketing specialty firms B) Collateral services

C) Tier-two agencies D) Support agencies


62) In the 1990s, companies saw as a way to coordinate and manage their marketing communication programs to ensure customers received a consistent message about the company and/or its brands.

A) relationship marketing

B) the Internet

C) product marketing

D) integrated marketing communications


63) Many companies are taking a(n) perspective in developing their IMC programs whereby they consider all of the potential ways of reaching their target audience and presenting the company or brand in a favourable manner.

A) traditional B) modern

C) audience contact D) aggressive


64) Marketers first consider in order to determine which IMC tools will be most effective in reaching and influencing consumer behaviour.

A) their promotional budget

B) the recommendations of their advertising agency

C) the target audience

D) competitive strategies


65) The concept of IMC suggests that all elements of the promotional campaign must be carefully linked. Which of the following statements is NOT true in this regard?

A) Consumers receive so many promotional exposures that they see everything as advertising.

B) There are many potential audience contacts; a focused approach ensures that the message is clear and the brand is represented well.

C) Critics argue that IMC ignores the existence of multiple target audiences.

D) IMC messaging must be both unified yet differentiated, to deliver a consistent image to various potential targets.


66) The objective behind the McDonald's “Our Food. Your Questions." campaign was:

A) to show the effectiveness of social media in dealing with consumer complaints.

B) to dispel various "food myths" about the quality of food offered at McDonald's.

C) to eliminate competition between McDonald's and Tim Hortons in the breakfast arena.

D) to enhance the presence of McDonald's in the Canadian foodservice market.


67) is the process of creating, maintaining, and enhancing long-term relationships with individual customers as well as other stakeholders for mutual benefit.

A) Relationship marketing

B) Integrated marketing communications

C) Exchange

D) Marketing planning


68) The increased usage of relationship marketing is due to the fact that:

A) it is very costly to maintain customer databases

B) retaining customers is generally more cost effective than acquiring new ones

C) customers have become less demanding

D) customers want products and services that are mass-produced rather than tailored to their specific needs and wants


69) Which of the following statements referring to the effects of consumer adoption of technology and media on IMC planning is NOT true?

A) TV audiences are fragmented, requiring advertisers to place their messages in other media.

B) Brands use traditional media to direct consumers to their website or social media.

C) Broadcasters have been slow to offer their TV shows for viewing over the Internet.

D) TV advertising reaches smaller and more selective audiences.


70) IMC planning can best be described as:

A) placing coupons in each Sunday edition of major newspapers

B) coordinating the activities of people who come in contact with the prospect or consumer

C) skillfully coordinating the promotional mix elements to develop an effective communication program

D) measuring the effectiveness of any communication with the target market


71) The is the framework for developing, implementing, and controlling an organization's integrated marketing communications program and activities.

A) communications process B) situation analysis

C) IMC plan D) market audit


72) The is a written document that describes the overall marketing strategy and programs developed for an organization, product line, or brand.

A) communications plan B) marketing plan

C) situation analysis D) promotional plan


73) A marketing plan usually includes all of the following EXCEPT:

A) a program for implementing marketing strategy

B) the establishment of marketing objectives

C) a detailed situation analysis

D) criteria and procedures for the hiring of all marketing personnel


74) A marketing plan usually includes:

A) a media schedule B) a detailed situation analysis

C) sales and market forecasts D) a corporate mission statement


75) The first step in the IMC planning process is:

A) budget determination

B) a review of the marketing plan

C) specification of communications objectives

D) the situation analysis


76) The IMC Planning Model outlines four stages prior to program implementation, in what order?

A) Develop IMC programs; Assess the marketing communications situation; Review the marketing plan; Determine IMC plan objectives.

B) Assess the marketing communications situation; Determine IMC plan objectives; Develop IMC programs; Review the marketing plan.

C) Review the marketing plan; Determine IMC plan objectives; Assess the marketing communications situation; Develop IMC programs.

D) Review the marketing plan; Assess the marketing communications situation; Determine IMC plan objectives; Develop IMC programs.


77) An internal situation analysis looks at all of the following EXCEPT:

A) results of the firm's previous promotional programs

B) competitive analysis

C) promotional objectives

D) corporate and brand image analyses


78) An external situation analysis could include all of the following EXCEPT:

A) the product's benefits B) consumer behaviour analysis

C) environmental analysis D) a competitive analysis


79) Debbie's Donuts wants to prepare a promotion plan for the upcoming fall season. As part of her internal situation analysis, she should review:

A) the strength of her brand's image.

B) how often consumers eat donuts each week.

C) her sales and profit objectives.

D) which competitors are operating in her neighbourhood.


80) In order to identify attractive market segments, Brian's Electronics Sales & Service conducts a consumer analysis which includes a review of all of the following EXCEPT:

A) Factors influencing consumer purchase decisions for electronics products and services.

B) Demographic and psychographic traits of current and high potential customers.

C) The growth of the electronics industry based on new technologies, particularly mobile.

D) Electronics buying and usage patterns of various consumer groups.


81) Before determining the appropriate promotional mix for his new annual campaign, the Triscuit crackers brand manager needs to do a competitive analysis, including:

A) The brand equity and consumer preference of PC's Woven Wheat Thins.

B) Whether people prefer eating Triscuit warmed up or straight out of the box.

C) A review of how much profit Kraft expects his brand to contribute to the overall marketing plan.

D) The relative media costs of Chatelaine and Canadian Living magazines.


82) A market analysis includes a number of factors like market size, growth, and .

A) census B) profitability

C) age D) global ownership


83) Suggestions that McCain launch new frozen products based on changing trends and consumer demographics are as a result of:

A) global warming

B) McCain's revised marketing objectives

C) an internal financial analysis

D) an external environmental analysis


84) refer to what is to be accomplished by the overall marketing programs and is stated in terms of sales, market share, and profitability.

A) External analysis factors B) Communication objectives

C) Marketing objectives D) Segmentation approaches


85) Which of the following is NOT a good example of a communications objective?

A) To increase sales volume

B) To develop consumers' intentions to purchase a product

C) To create awareness of the attributes of a brand or product

D) To create a favourable attitude about a product


86) Tourism BC wished to generate trial or repeat purchase of visitors from other provinces to British Columbia. This is an example of a(n):

A) behavioural objective B) internal analysis

C) environmental assessment D) database research finding


87) should be the guiding force for development of the overall marketing communications strategy and of objectives for each promotional mix area.

A) Sales and marketing objectives

B) Promotional and marketing objectives

C) Communication and behavioural objectives

D) Marketing and behavioural objectives


88) All of the following explain the importance of IMC EXCEPT:

A) advertising and promotion regulation

B) consumer adoption of technology and media

C) the vast number of messages consumers receive

D) the many audiences to communicate with


89) is described as one of the "new-generation" marketing approaches that helps companies to better focus their efforts in acquiring, retaining, and developing relationships with customers and other stakeholders.

A) Transaction marketing B) IMC

C) Online advertising D) Public relations


90) Which of the following is NOT a general characteristic of IMC?

A) Competitive-oriented communication

B) Differentiated communication to multiple customer groups

C) Unified communication for consistent message and image

D) Relationships fostering communication with existing customers


91) Which of the following best describes a criticism of IMC?

A) Differentiates communication to multiple customer groups

B) Uses database-centred communication for tangible results

C) Focuses primarily on the tactical coordination of various communication tools with the goal of making them look and sound alike

D) Unifies communication for consistent message and image


92) Kim Rossister, brand manager at GM, plans for a new communication campaign and intends to consider all the potential ways of reaching her target audience and presenting her brand in a favourable manner. Kim believes this approach can help develop an efficient and effective communication campaign. This approach is best described as:

A) audience contact perspective

B) relationship marketing perspective

C) persuasive communication perspective

D) database-centred perspective


93) Which of the following statements about marketing and IMC plans is NOT necessarily true?

A) The IMC plan is developed similarly to the marketing plan and often uses its detailed information

B) The first step in the IMC planning process is to review the marketing plan

C) The marketing objectives in the marketing plan should be reproduced as communication objectives in the IMC plan

D) The marketing plan specifies the roles advertising and other promotional mix elements play in the overall marketing program


94) Each promotional mix element has its own set of objectives, message and media strategy, tactics, and .

A) slogan B) budget

C) brand identity D) target audience


95) The development of the basic message to be conveyed to the target audience is called:

A) messaging B) creative imaging

C) IMC planning D) creative strategy


96) Media strategy includes each of the following decisions EXCEPT:

A) type of media to be used B) communication channels to be used

C) overall slogan D) specific titles or shows


97) The approves and pays for the creative work and media plan.

A) media planning group B) agency-of-record

C) promotional agency D) advertiser


Answer Key

Testname: UNTITLED1

1) C

2) A

3) D

4) C

5) C

6) D

7) D

8) C

9) A

10) C

11) C

12) C

13) D

14) C

15) B

16) A

17) D

18) D

19) D

20) D

21) B

22) B

23) D

24) A

25) B

26) A

27) B

28) C

29) D

30) A

31) B

32) C

33) C

34) D

35) B

36) A

37) B

38) D

39) B

40) B

41) B

42) B

43) B

44) A

45) D

46) A

47) A

48) D

49) C

50) C

Answer Key

Testname: UNTITLED1

51) C

52) B

53) A

54) A

55) A

56) C

57) B

58) A

59) D

60) D

61) B

62) D

63) C

64) C

65) C

66) B

67) A

68) B

69) C

70) C

71) C

72) B

73) D

74) C

75) B

76) D

77) B

78) A

79) A

80) C

81) A

82) B

83) D

84) C

85) A

86) A

87) C

88) A

89) B

90) A

91) C

92) A

93) C

94) B

95) D

96) C

97) D

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