Test Bank Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice 6th edition by Susan G. Dudek

Test Bank Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice 6th edition by Susan G. Dudek

Test Bank Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice 6th edition by Susan G. Dudek

Test Bank Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice 6th edition by Susan G. Dudek

Test Bank Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice 6th edition by Susan G. Dudek


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Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice 6th edition by Susan G. Dudek Test Bank


2.One classification of amino acids is essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are what?
A)The only amino acids necessary for growth and tissue maintenance
B)Amino acids that must be consumed in the diet
C)Amino acids that are found only in animal products and soy
D)Amino acids that are more important than nonessential amino acids

3.Proteins are considered either complete proteins or incomplete proteins. What is one source of complete protein?
C)Kidney beans
D)Peanut butter

4.You are admitting a healthy adult woman to the outpatient surgery department for the removal of a plantar wart. She weighs 70 kg. What is her recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for protein?
A)35 g
B)42 g
C)56 g
D)70 g

5.You are the clinic nurse teaching newly diagnosed type II diabetics about nutritional diets. One of the subjects you will cover is how to figure out the recommended daily allowance for protein in a healthy adult. An exercise you give your class is to calculate your RDA for protein based on the weight of 75 kg. What would your RDA for protein be?
A)30 g
B)45 g
C)60 g
D)75 g

6.Your nutrition class is learning about the relationship between protein and nitrogen. The assignment you give the class is to calculate how many grams of nitrogen are provided by 80 grams of protein. The answer is to be expressed in whole grams. What is the correct answer?
A)13 g
B)20 g
C)26 g
D)40 g

7.The body needs an adequate supply of energy to prevent its protein being burned for energy. To prevent the burning of protein, termed protein sparing, what does the body need an adequate supply of?
D)Carbohydrate and fat

8.Which of the “MyPyramid” food groups contains only small amounts of protein?
A)Bread, Cereal, Rice, and Pasta group
B)Fruit group
C)Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese group
D)Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs, and Nuts group

9.Protein digestion is a complex process. The principal site of protein digestion is where?
C)Small intestine
D)Large intestine

10.Protein must be broken down into smaller substances before the body can fully use it. For the body to absorb protein, it must first be broken down into what?
C)Amino acids

11.Each of us has a specific energy need for our body to function optimally. Once this energy need is met what will our body do with any excess protein consumed?
A)Store it unchanged as protein
B)Convert it to fat and store it
C)Excrete it unchanged in the urine
D)Convert it to urea and excrete it in the feces

12.Many people throughout the world are practicing vegetarians. Those who are pure vegans are at risk for nutritional deficiencies because they do not eat natural food sources of specific nutrients. One problem with a pure vegan diet is that it does not include any natural food sources of what?
C)Vitamin B12

13.Nitrogen balance in specific groups of people can be of concern. What is the state of nitrogen balance in infants, children, adolescents, and pregnant and lactating women?
A)Neutral nitrogen balance
B)Positive nitrogen balance
C)Negative nitrogen balance
D)Metabolic turnover

14.There are several types of vegetarian diets including a lacto-vegetarian diet. What is it that lacto-vegetarians do not eat?

15.Determining nitrogen balance in the clinical setting can be very valuable. To determine a patient’s state of nitrogen balance, a 24-hour urinary urea nitrogen collection is done. What do you also need to do?
A)Calculate the patient’s total calorie intake for that same day
B)Add a coefficient of 4 to that number to account for nitrogen lost in feces, hair, nails, and skin
C)Collect a 24-hour stool specimen on that same day to determine fecal nitrogen losses
D)Be sure that patient takes nothing by mouth on the day of the urine collection

16.Complementary proteins are made by combining two protein sources to make a complete protein. What is an example of a complementary protein?
A)Black beans and kidney beans
B)Strawberry milkshake
C)Butterscotch pudding
D)Macaroni and cheese

17.You are teaching a nutrition class at the local high school. Your subject for today is “Dietary Supplements and Caloric Intake.” One of the class activities you assign is to answer the following question: “An amino acid supplement that provides 15 g of protein and no other nutrients provides how many calories?” What is the correct answer?
A)0 calories, because the amino acids are in pill form
B)30 cal.
C)60 cal.
D)90 cal.

18.It is necessary to restrict protein intake in clients diagnosed with certain disease processes, such as clients in renal failure who are unable to excrete nitrogenous wastes. What other disease process necessitates a protein-restricted diet?
B)Congestive heart failure
C)Severe liver disease
D)Diabetes mellitus

19.Vegetarians do not always have adequate diets. Clinicians need to encourage vegetarians to do what?
A)Eat meat
B)Eat adequate calories
C)Take amino acid supplements
D)Eat complementary proteins at every meal

20.Protein can be used by the body for fuel when what occurs?
A)Complete proteins are consistently ingested
B)When there are inadequate stores of iron in the body
C)When the RDA for B vitamins is met
D)When there is inadequate intake of calories

21.Proteins have many different functions in the body. What determines a protein’s function?
A)The quality of the protein
B)The amino acids contained in the protein
C)The completeness of the protein
D)The shape of a protein

22.Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, have the ability to act as buffers in the body. This means that proteins can maintain normal blood pH. By maintaining normal blood pH, the body’s proteins are protected from being what?

23.The ability of the body to digest protein occurs at different levels depending on the source of the protein. What is the approximate protein digestibility for soy and legumes?

24.The body does not truly store protein. It does, however, maintain recycled amino acids from broken-down body proteins. What is this called?
A)Metabolic store
B)Protein turnover
C)Amino acid store
D)Metabolic pool

25.You are admitting a client onto your unit with a diagnosis of marasmus, or protein-energy malnutrion (PEM). This diagnosis is most likely secondary to what?
A)A chronic disease
B)A recent trauma
C)The influence of affluence
D)The quality of the protein in their diet

26.An 18-month-old victim of a car accident is being admitted to the pediatric ICU. In reviewing the orders for this client, you expect to see diet orders that provide what kind of nutritional therapy?
B)Slow and sure
C)Protein restrictive
D)Protein delayed

27.What is the term used for practicing vegetarians who choose to occasionally eat meat, fish, or poultry products?

28.The range for protein for adults as recommended by The Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range for protein is what percentage of total calories?
A)25% to 50%
B)20% to 45%
C)15% to 40%
D)10% to 35%

29.You are caring for a client status 1 day post-colon resection with anastomosis. Your client has a nasogastric (NG) tube in place, putting him on NPO status. You know that this places your client in what state?
A)Protein-energy malnutrition
B)Negative nitrogen balance
D)Neutral nitrogen balance

30.Using protein for energy is not an efficient use of the protein ingested. When 30% of the protein of the body is lost through catabolism what occurs? (Mark all that apply.)
A)Organ function is altered.
B)Body weight is lost.
C)A fluid and electrolyte balance is maintained.
D)Immune function is altered.
E)Breathing becomes impaired due to a loss of muscle strength.

Answer Key

30.A, B, D, E

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